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So how's everyone's works in progress going?

Any interest in a knit along?
sporky_rat: Grommit knitting from 'Wallace and Grommit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit' (knitting)
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Knit Along

I'm working on Brook Chenoweth Creel's Widdershins sock (plain because my cables get a bit tight still) and I was wondering if anyone wanted to knit along with me? It's a free Knitty pattern here and available on Ravelry here.

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small footed (and big footed!) knitters UNITE!

Wise Hilda is a treasure for those of us not in the solid size 7.5 US!  She realizes we might have *gasp* other sizes in our walkin' shoes.

Check out this post - fed to DW just for y'all - and send in your stats so she can make the world a better place!
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finished wyvern!

I used Turkish cast on, and I sort of butchered the short row heel (I hate the wrapping part, so I just skipped it), and I only did five repeats on the leg because I got tired.

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Summer Socks with Strands of DNA

For July/August, I wanted to suggest we delve into science knitting and give Denature a try. I already have some gloss sock yarn in the "kenai" color lined up. Thoughts?

I know this is not a free pattern, but if money is the only thing keeping you from doing this pattern please PM me your ravelry name I will arrange for a copy to be gifted to your account.
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june check-in!

I've almost hit the heel on my wyvern socks. How are you all doing? What yarn are you using?

I decided to do a turkish cast on instead of the short row mentioned in the pattern, because I like it better. Have you made any pattern modifications?
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May brings Wyvern

[personal profile] domtheknight helped me pick out our May/June pick: Wyvern. We're both excited to try toe-up socks, as this will be a first for us. Any words of wisdom, comm, or do we have nothing to fear?

I also have to confess that between finishing my Ph.D., wedding planning, and having a really resilient sinus infection I still haven't finished either of our previous picks. I'm working on it, though. What else could eleven plane flights over the course of my honeymoon be for?

Anyway, yarn thoughts? I was thinking of going with something green but I don't have anything like that in my stash so I have an excuse to visit Weaving Works for their big sale next weekend.
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I took about a month off on my socks because I had to do a baby afghan, but I finally turned the heels (I'm doing two at once)!

How are you all doing?
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socks for smaller feet

Hi!  I have noticed that many of the socks are sized for 8-10 women's (US) and I glance down to the end of my legs and see...6 to 6.5s so this will just not do!  I realize that when I get the hang of things, I will miraculously be able to pare down a pattern to fit my feet but right now?  That is just not on my table.

What is on my table is some gorgeous hand painted yarn that really really wants to be between my sole and shoes and not in my yarn basket!  Can anyone direct me to patterns that will work for my little feet?

Also, when it says the sock will be 8" around, that is some "unstretched" length, correct?  Because my foot measures 8" around the ball below the toes where Sensational Knitted Socks tells me to measure, but the socks then say they fit feet 2 sizes bigger than mine!

*dying to get back to knittin'*

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So I finally put down other socks and got over real life enough to work on Monkey, and it's going pretty well. I have done one full repeat so far (I'm knitting them two at a time on circs).

How are you doing? Any problems or questions about the pattern?
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M is for March and Monkeys!

Hey Everyone!

As it's now March, we've got a new bi-monthly pick: Monkey from Winter 2006's Knitty.

What yarn will you be going for? I'm still trying to narrow down some greens...
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I finished my blackrose socks! (I actually finished a couple days ago but forgot to post until now.) I already wore them once, and got a couple compliments. I think they turned out pretty well.

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How are your socks? Feel free to post pictures in the comments!
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I am knitting my socks two-at-a-time on circs, and this weekend (while marathoning the Olympics) I turned the heels! I have not done all that much of the decreasing on the foot yet, but it feels good to be this far.

How far are you? Have you run into any parts of the pattern you can't figure out?
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(no subject)

*flips calendar forward*

Okay, so I know we're still working on Blackrose yadda yadda. But I got thinking about next month's sock choice, and I think Monkey socks would be awesome. Yes/no/wtfcrazyperson?
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Blackrose Sock: How's it coming?

How are everyone else's project's coming? I'm doing both socks at once on two circular needles and it's coming pretty well for my first time doing a person-sized sock and my first attempt to do two at a time. As of tonight, I've finished two repeats of the lace pattern and am starting my third. You can find the project on my Ravelry account here.

Oh, and yes, that is an octopus stitch marker.


I'm Marion, Keeper of the Knitronomicon (aka my knitting/craft/etc stash/supplies), a lot of which lives in the Knitronomicorner (where else?) in my bedroom, but which is also to be found spread throughout most of my flat.

I don't know how much I'll be able to join in, as I'm a slow-ish knitter and I keep getting commissions to make other things for friends! Though I am currently on the homeward stretch of the second of a pair of Express Lane socks, which I cast on almost a year ago now. Yes, I've made quite a few other things in the interim...
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yarn selections?

I'm curious what yarn you all are planning to use for Blackrose! I've sort of settled on a merino/nylon blend I bought on Etsy, which is called 'Black Coffee' and is a muted blend of browns and grays. It's a bit bigger than the average skein of sock yarn and I'm hoping it's enough to do the wristlets as well as the socks. I haven't wound it into a ball yet.

If you've already started knitting, I would like to see pictures! (Even if you haven't, I love looking at yarn and would like to see pictures of your yarn balls.)
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People don't seem to be taking my encouragement to make an introduction post seriously, so I thought I'd make one and people can introduce themselves in the comments.

I'm [personal profile] chemicallace. I am a graduate student who has been knitting on-and-off for about five years. My knitting interests include lace, historical knitting, and science-themed knitting. Saga, my cat, likes to eat wooden knitting needles and assist with my work. My last finished project was a hat with chromosomes on it and my current one is a Christmas stocking.

Who are you? Anything we should know? Cookies?

January 2010: Blackrose

This month we'll be working on Blackrose from the Winter 2008 issue of Knitty. As an added bonus, it even comes with a pattern for matching wrist warmers.

Ready? Set? Go!

What yarn will you be using? I'm stuck between Socks that Rock's Thraven, Lenore, and Valkyrie colorways.
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Dreamwidth Sock Club

Welcome to the Dreamwidth Sock Club!

We're a group of Dreamwidth knitters picking one sock pattern to knit together each month. There's no fee, patterns will either be free or low cost*, and using up your existing stash is encouraged. Please feel free to join any time and please introduce yourself.

Happy knitting and best wishes for tangle free skeins to you all!

*If you can't afford one of the pay patterns we choose, pattern gifting fairies will assist.